Hola Roxy Rollers! We hope you’re all doing well! All is good here in Roxy Roca Land, and we’ve had a great June.

June was exceptional for us because we had the opportunity to share the stage with three amazing acts including St. Paul and the Broken Bones, The Roots, and Kung Fu. Each of these bands is absolutely killing it in their own right in the music industry right now, and it was an absolute privilege to share the stage with each of them.

First we had St. Paul and the Broken Bones at Thalia Hall in Jackson, MS. Thalia Hall is a recently revamped venue that resembles a 20th century theater complete with special tiered, balcony seating. The stage itself was enormous, which is always a treat to play on, and we had the crowd on their feet by the end of our performance. 

St. Paul and the Broken Bones sound check

St. Paul and the Broken Bones sound check

St. Paul and the Broken bones put on a memorable performance that had front man Paul Janeway throwing his shoes and literally rolling around on his back on the stage. The guys in the band were all super nice, and consummate professionals on and off stage.

Next we played with The Roots at the Wichita River Fest in Wichita, KS. The Roots have been the first name is live hip-hop for over 20 years, and now with their nightly worldwide exposure via the Tonight Show, they are only getting better and better. 

Our set took place before the sun went down, and it was hot as hell! But none the less, we rocked Wichita’s socks off, and even saved up enough mojo to bring the house down later that night at Barleycorn’s.

The Roots’ show was stellar. They arrived a little late because of a travel logistic nightmare that included canceled flights and an unplanned drive from Tulsa, OK to Wichita. Even with all of this turmoil, the band put on an amazing show.

Members of Roxy Roca meet The Roots

Members of Roxy Roca meet The Roots

                    By serendipitous fate, friend of The Roots and legendary comedian, Dave Chapelle happened to be in town. He introduced the band to uproarious applause and kicked off the night with a bang. Needless to say, we were blown away.

Our last exceptional co-bill this month was with the high-octane funksters Kung Fu in Norman, OK. These cats are MONSTERS on their respective instruments, and great guys to boot. Because of some interesting weather, both us and Kung Fu were hanging in some close-quarters for much of the afternoon. Talk about a good time: these guys had us laughing our butt’s off! 

After we busted out an outstanding 75 minute set of powerhouse funk and soul for about 1000 people, we all waited in anticipation for Kung Fu to take the stage. In the mean time an ominous sky was starting to form above the stage, leading to what became an EPIC backdrop…for TWO songs. Seriously, these guys came on stage, busted two amazing songs and one insane drum solo, and then were forced to end the show because of lightning. It was a shame that we wouldn’t get more Kung Fu, but what we did get was excellent.

Roxy Roca performing at Jazz in June

Roxy Roca performing at Jazz in June

June was nuts, and July is only going to get crazier. Check back here at roxyroca.com for updates from the road!


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