Last Thursday’s show at The Continental Club with our good friends Flow Tribe from New Orleans was a blast, but it wasn’t until the next night that we learned about an extra little twist that made it just that much cooler. It turns out Oscar and Grammy winning singer/songwriter Glen Hansard (currently on tour with Eddie Vedder) caught our show at Continental Club and was kind enough to rave about it onstage several times the next night at Bass Concert Hall.

We were at Frank getting set up for our show on Friday, the night after the Continental Club show, when the calls and texts started coming in from friends who were at Bass Concert Hall.

It is always flattering to hear when an artist you respect says nice things about your performance (especially if they do so in such a public way), but that’s not the really interesting part. It gets better:

Way back in 1991, Glen Hansard played the role of Outspan Foster in the movie The Commitments. For those that don’t remember,The Commitments was about a group of young white kids from Dublin that form a soul band. Replace Dublin with Austin, and The Commitments are more or less us! So, we have that in common with Glen. That’s pretty cool, right?

Glen, if you see this, thanks for the kind words. Next time, come say hello, shake a hand, and make a friend.

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