There’s a great feature by Kyle Hilliard on ROXY ROCA in today’s Charleston City Paper including an interview with singer Taye  Cannon. Here’s a little taste:

[themify_quote]There’s something gloriously unfiltered about the music that Roxy Roca makes. On a surface level, the Austin-based outfit are a quintessential soul band, complete with big, brassy horn lines and funky grooves that grab hold of the ticking heartbeat of a dance floor and never let go. But there’s a roughness to the sound, a sort of DIY-punk sensibility that comes across not in terms of rudimentary musicianship or aggressive tempos so much as in the unfettered glee they take in dispatching song after song with hardly a breath in-between.[/themify_quote]

Read the full article here: Austin-based Roxy Roca bring their own flavor to DIY soul.

ROXY ROCA plays Charleston, SC tonight at The Pour House. Get all the most up-to-date show info here: SHOWS.

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