We are thrilled to announce that ROXY ROCA has signed with Stag Records! Houston, TX-based label Stag was founded in 2001 by the prolific Texas artist Jesse Dayton, along with partners Benji Smith and Gary Moore, as an outlet for Jesse’s many projects. Since then, the label’s roster has expanded to include releases from Two Hoots And A HollerTexas SapphiresTy WeatherfordMike StinsonStephen Chadwick, and Greg Wood.

You may be wondering: with such an emphasis on country and rockabilly sounds, why sign ROXY ROCA? Stag Records’ Gary Moore explains it like this: “Stag has never been specifically a country label. It’s always been about producing music with grit, soul, and a great respect for Texas’ rich musical heritage. It just so happens that country and rockabilly are a big part of that musical tradition, but that’s not where the story ends. In fact, Jesse Dayton’s Country Soul Brother reminded everybody just how seamlessly soul, the blues, and country fit together. After spending the better part of the last couple years watching ROXY ROCA develop their unique flavor of Dynamite Texas Soul, and getting to know them as people, it just became obvious to everybody that they should be part of the Stag Records family.”

The feeling was mutual for ROXY ROCA, as guitarist Errol Siegel explains: “We really didn’t think one way or the other about Stag as being a ‘country’ label. We just knew that these were the people we wanted to work with. More than anybody else, they had a deep understanding of the history of southern soul that inspires what we do and also really got where we are trying to take it, adding our own experiences and instincts to the mix. Gary from Stag has been a big supporter of the band and we’ve developed a mutual respect that, we think, is going to make a great foundation for working together.”

Watch for more announcements coming soon!

About Jesse Dayton

Known for his work with legends across the musical spectrum from Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson to Rob Zombie and Eddie Spaghetti, Jesse also has released seven solo records, one duet record, and one live record, all but one on Stag, as well as two soundtrack recordings (Devil’s Rejects/Banjo & Sullivan, Halloween 2/Capt Clegg & the Night Creatures) while still making time to write and direct a horror movie (Zombex) and play 150 shows a year. Believe it or not, that’s not even a complete list! Let’s just say we’re impressed with the man’s work ethic.

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