recently ran a great article on ROXY ROCA, including an interview with vocalist Taye Cannon and guitarist Errol Siegel. Here’s a little bit of what they had to say:


When I Heard This Band Play, My Opinion Of Live Music Completely Transformed – Forever

And that band was Roxy Roca…

I discovered Roxy Roca by chance one evening at a small venue in Austin, TX. I’m sure glad I did. For ages I felt like I didn’t really enjoy live music performances anymore. All of that changed the night I saw Roxy Roxa take the stage. The instant they started playing, so did the dancing. Usually a crowd has to get warmed up. But, it’s like they had a defibrillator and pumped the crowd into party mode.

They combine horns, slick guitar riffs, a funky back section and soulful/funky vocals to spread like a contagion through the crowd. Usually the energy during a performance is slow to build. Once it climaxes, the energy fades, and the band is forced to close with a hit song to end on a high note. However with Roxy Roca it’s like you are hooked up to an adrenaline pumping IV for an hour straight.

Lead singer Taye Cannon also makes sure to engage the crowd as he preaches messages of love and positivity. With their slick suits, smooth demeanor and incredible musical talents, these well groomed men were leading what felt like the world’s coolest congregation. While I never got to see any of the great soul legends perform 50+ years ago, I truly imagine this is the energy that was felt at their shows and for that, I’m grateful.[/quote]

Read the full article and interview here: When I Heard This Band Play, My Opinion Of Live Music Completely Transformed – Forever.

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