Austin, TX-based ROXY ROCA gets it done with a powerful, soulful sound inspired by the great soul and funk pioneers of the 60s.

“[ROXY ROCA] is a nine-piece powerhouse of southern soul.”
– The Vinyl District

“…more proof that soul is alive and well here in Austin. Roxy Roca is a must hear for fans of bands like Brownout, T-Bird and The Breaks and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears.”
– Austin Vida

“Sacrificing bells and whistles, the Austin octet come right out of the gate with the right amount of everything – brass overlays, tons of funky rhythm, and a positive yet simple message to tie it all together.”
– I Live Music

“…almost seemed like a religious experience as front man Taye Cannon sounded like he was channeling the spirit of James Brown.”
– The Horn

“If you want funk, soul, and tight arrangements, no one in Austin does it better than ROXY ROCA.”
– Active Listener

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See why fans of soul and funk from around the world have been so excited about ROXY ROCA’s high energy Dynamite Texas Soul.

Put on your headphones, close your eyes, get up out of your chair, and let yourself go for just a few minutes, because every now and then everybody needs a break!

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