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  • Mike Wahner says:

    I love this group.Great song,Great music,Definite rising stars.I look forward to more music.

  • Mike Wahner says:

    I have heard many new groups over the years,but this one is fresh with a nice,smooth catchy sound.

  • Steve Conn says:

    I opened this blog post expecting to read Taye’s account of the story behind my “new” favorite song off the “Ain’t Nothin’ Fancy” cd, “Rainy Day” (track 9). (Background: Roxy Roca tore Memphis up last weekend with two shows at two clubs and packed houses both nights. I saw both shows and bought the cd. I’m apparently on a mission now to fry the cd because I’ve played it about 16 times through now while driving. It’s so damn good. Every time you play it you pick up things you missed before. And when the lyrics start coming together like one of those 100-piece puzzles, you can imagine what was going on at that time to prompt such emotion.)

    So I was off the mark on Taye’s story about the song but it’s equally interesting to hear his account of early influences. No doubt, Roxy Roca is my “discovery band” for this year. Don’t miss a chance to see them.

    • ROXY ROCA says:

      Hey Steve! We’ll have to share the story behind the song “Rainy Day” some time soon. See you soon!

  • Ken Gamber says:

    I was steered your direction by a Facebook post by an excellent musician (Trumpet + ) who I have had the good fortune to play along side on several occasions. It seems that her husband (Austin) is scheduled to join you shortly. I wanted to hear what he would be doing. I’m very impressed and an instant fan of your music as I have seen and heard so far.

    • ROXY ROCA says:

      Hey Ken! Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you are enjoying the music so far. I hope to meet you at a show some time when we are out your way.

  • Sharon Dixon says:

    Just checking you out because our very awesome Austin Johanning has joined your band. Austin’s brother JJ is my son-in-law and we know what an incredible talent Austin has. Wow, love your sound, look, vibe and it’s only going to get better with Austin on board. Come to Omaha–we’ll treat you right and we have a great music scene going!

    • ROXY ROCA says:

      Thanks Sharon! We’re having a great time together on this tour. We look forward to making it to Omaha some time in the coming year!

  • Tom Paterson says:

    Lonnie talked about that “will/way” thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObSqQ7sA2Aw

    My son Eric and I drove around in our 2005 Odyssey listening to y’all Roxy’s first CD we bought at your grocery store gig in Austin, until we heard all the songs and picked out a couple of favorites. He’s a young reeds player, and he’s def. heard R&B/Soul music, this evening brought it home for him.

    Thanks! See you next time!

  • Damian Galetto says:

    Great band! Come to Argentina!

  • Peter says:

    Man!!! What a great band. I am a brazilian, living in Mendoza-Argentina (sic).
    Got to listen to Roxy Roca at a radio show called “Delicias de un charlatan” some weeks ago and got totally hooked.
    Hopefully the band will come down here someday.
    Congrats. GREAT STUFF you are doing

    • ROXY ROCA says:

      Thanks Peter! We appreciate the support very much! Lead singer Taye Cannon just recorded an interview with Vorterix radio. I’m not sure when they will play that interview, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, please keep spreading the word and we’ll try to get to Argentina soon!

  • I would love to hear you play in the UK. I’m a vinyl DJ in Manchester who specializes in New Breed Old School Funk & Soul, Keep On Keeping On!

  • Kim Mohr says:

    Hey guys,

    Keep up the GREAT work. You are all working tirelessly toward your professional goals, and it shows. It was a joy to watch and hear you do your thing on stage. It’s got a good beat and I can dance to it, I’ll give it a “10”.

  • Christine Hubert says:

    I’ve seen a lot of bands live and I’ve been singing and performing since I was 7 years old. It started with my dad playing his acoustic guitar and singing duets with him in restaurants for extra money since he was a single father raising 3 kids. I have to say, I have NEVER enjoyed watching a band so much!!! I saw y’all play at Vino Mio in Corpus Christi and it was mesmerizing. Absolutely amazing vocals and the band was so in tune with the crowd! I’d travel to see you play. I can’t wait to see you again, such a rush!

  • Taye Cannon says:

    Thank you!! Very kind words. We always have a great time at Vino Mio. We will be back on 5/27! Hope to see you.

  • Ignacio Gandarillas says:

    Cant wait to see you guys back in Bridgeport CT , had an awesome time

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