Monthly Archives: July 2016

There are some clubs that radiate mojo. From the peeling paint to the cracks in the walls, Knuckleheads in Kansas City has that: a little biker, a little blues and a lot of soul. There is an understood respect for the musician’s life from the moment you load into the club with gestures of hospitality […]

Hey everybody, Mike here. First and foremost, I want to say thank you for reading this, being interested in what we’re doing, and most importantly – supporting us as we continue to chase our dreams. ROXY ROCA is 10 days into our month(+) jaunt across the county. The first few days consisted of driving 1750 […]

  Today is the first day of our summer tour! We have three days to make it to our first show in Manchester, CT. Just your typical 1,757 mile joy ride. Below are our tour dates through the first week of August. Spread the word if you can!     July       08   Main Pub […]