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Taye Cannon Interview on MJ Schiebe Radio Show

Taye Cannon Interview on MJ Schiebe Radio Show

Check out this great interview with Taye Cannon on the MJ Schiebe Radio Show. Taye talks about his roots, musical inspiration, and why now is the right time for some “feel good music.”

Having recently interviewed Taye Cannon, of Roxy Roca, I was really impressed with the concept and vision which drives this band.  Not only are they one of the most energetic bands I’ve seen perform in a long time, but they are also very much involved in community development initiatives, such as their recent benefit concert to raise funds for thousands of victims affected by the recent fires throughout Central Texas. 

Stream the interview below or listen from the blogtalkradio web site: Roxy Roca talks about expressing love in every form.

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The Vinyl District

The Vinyl District

Check out this cool feature on ROXY ROCA from The Vinyl District. See the original article here: Roxy Roca…The New Kid on the Block.

Roxy Roca…The New Kid on the Block

By Buckley Wineholt | September 1, 2011

I have been seeing the name Roxy Roca popping up a lot lately so I decided to head down to Threadgill’s last weekend to see who this Roxy Roca is. It turns out Roxy Roca is not a who, but a what—and the “what” is a nine-piece powerhouse of southern soul. Fronted by green-eyed soul shouter Taye Cannon and backed up by a crack team of veteran players, this band is the real deal.

Roxy Roca delivered a tight, gapless set showcasing their obvious affinity for late ’60s southern soul like Al Green and Joe Tex mashed up with a slightly more modern pop sensibility, as heard in their Internet-only single, “Ain’t Nothin’ Fancy (It’s Love).”

As the band led the crowd of sweaty dancers (it was about 100 degrees outside, after all) with their driving rhythms and pounding horns, they displayed impressive swagger and confidence for a band that played their first show well under a year ago. It is evident why the name Roxy Roca is popping up all over the place—and I suspect you’ll be seeing it a lot more before you know it

Speaking of “popping up all over the place,” Roxy Roca is playing tonight at the legendary Continental Club and tomorrow (Fri. 9/2) at upstart east-side club The Scoot Inn.